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We have made a significant progress since 2009. Throughout that time we were constantly developing and learning, without forgetting to foster personal relations and friendly atmosphere in the association KROKODIL. Our small / large team consists of Vladimir, Ana, Mila, Lena, Mirjana and Bogdan who are fully engaged in all the work concerning KROKODIL and its programs, but also a network of ten regular external contributors that together with us form the organization, cultural mission and the special spirit of the Association KROKODIL.

Our growth and development are based on the freedom of expression and creativity. We foster team spirit and friendship among those who work in our association. What makes us unique is the high competence and knowledge of the employees, who use innovative approach to contribute to team problem solving in all the aspects of our work – production of literary, cultural and sociopolitical programs and projects with the aim of developing literary audiences and those that are interested in culture as such, promotion of the culture of dialogue, reconciliation and reconstruction of the broken links particularly in the region of the Western Balkans but also in deepening of the mutual understanding and the acceptance of differences in the European context and elsewhere.


and nourish the following values:

Honesty and integrity

imply high ethical standards, openness, prudeness, trust and sincerness in all our business relations.


we share our ideas, information, plans and aims publicly and openly. We sincerely believe that this mutual openness, as well as openness to our contributors, partners and wider audience contributes to better understanding, and building of strong and stable relationships, as well as their integration into creative process.

Personal responsibility

we perceive each other as equals. We recognize and value the skills of each individual.

Strong relations with contributors and partners

our relationship with contributors and partners is significantly deeper than the regular business relationship: our aim is to understand not only people, but their work as well, and to develop long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust.



Vladimir Arsenijević

President and Creative director
lena photo

Lena Todorović

Administration and Organisation

Jasminka Petrović

Children Program Coordinator/External Associate

Ana Pejović

Project manager and Coordinator

Mirjana Kosić

Programme manager

Milena Berić

Communications and External affairs

Bogdan Panajotovski



VLADIMIR ARSENIJEVIĆ (b. 1965 in Pula, Croatia, then SFR Yugoslavia) is an awarded and internationally acclaimed Serbian writer, translator, editor, publicist and cultural worker. He won the 1994 NIN-award for his first novel In the Hold (U potpalublju) thus becoming the youngest ever recipient of this prestigious prize. This was the very first debut book ever rewarded with this respected prize. This anti-war book was soon translated into 20 languages and placed Arsenijević almost instantly among the most translated Serbian writers ever. Since then, Arsenijević published eight other novels, graphic novels, collections of short stories and books of essays. His essays and columns are published in both printed and online media all over the region of former Yugoslavia. He is a well-known editor who formed and developed the RENDE publishing house, where he worked as the Editor-in-chief from its foundation in 2000 until 2007. From 2007 until 2011 he ran a Belgrade subsection of a distinguished Croatian publishing house VBZ. In 2009. he founded and is ever since the head of the Association KROKODIL.

ANA PEJOVIĆ (b. 1980 in Prijepolje, Serbia, then SFR Yugoslavia) graduated in English language and literature from the University of Belgrade. From 2002 until 2008 she worked in the publishing house RENDE as proof-reader, assistant editor and editor. From 2009 until 2011 she worked in the Belgrade subsection of the Croatian publisher VBZ as assistant editor and editor. In the nine years of her work in publishing, she co-edited and edited more than 200 books, mainly contemporary titles from the region and Europe. She also translated several books from English, such as “British Museum is Falling Down” by David Lodge. In 2009 she established Association KROKODIL together with Vladimir Arsenijević where she works ever since as the project manager and main coordinator. She is also actively involved in all aspects of work and activities of the Association KROKODIL – festivals, visits, but is especially engaged with KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence program.

MILENA BERIĆ ( born in 1982  Belgrade, Yugoslavia) earned Master’s in Communications and Journalism after completing her undergraduate studies in International Economics. She has acquired fifteen years of experience. From 2002 until 2007 she worked for OECD, at the 2004 Olympics in Greece, Greek national television ERT and for the Embassy of India in Belgrade. From 2007 Milena worked in market communications in the world of advertising within one of the largest global agencies TBWA as a Account director for brands such as adidas, Nissan, Renault, VISA, Absolut Vodka and others. In 2010 she became the first director of the social enterprise Divac HOD with the goal to make long-term sustainable organization. Since 2010 Milena has been working as an independent consultant for communications and external affairs. She specializes in strategic communications, external affairs and mediation while working for adidas group in Germany, Goethe-Institut Belgrad, EUNIC Serbia, Mikser festival Serbia, Der Spiegle Germany, ARTE channel France/Germany, PlayIT Hungary, E-Frag, Crater Studio, KROKODIL and other credible organisations in Serbia and abroad.  Milena won the “30 under 30 young Serbian leaders” award in 2011 and was the representative of Serbia at the Sixth Pan-European Conference of International Relations in Turin in 2007 with her work “Culture, Dignity and Empowerment”. She successfully cooperates with KROKODIL since 2014. which led to the winning of the European Communication Award 2016 for the Festival Krokodil 2015 communications strategy.

LENA TODOROVIĆ ( born in 1985  Belgrade, Yugoslavia) was a professional dancer from 1999 to 2011 within the Center for the art of movement Perpetuum lead by the famous choreographer Mrs. Svetlana Đurović. Lena had numerous appearances as a dancer and as a choreographer in Serbia but also all over the globe.  In 2007 during her studies at the Faculty for Management in Art (Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade) she starts working in organisation of the Belgrade Dance Festival as a Technical Executive Director Assistant where she gains significant experience in the organization of large scale events. In 2014. she joins the National Foundation for Dance founded by Mrs. Aja Jung where she works as a Director Assistant and Program Coordinator. Driven by her strong will to learn more about the work of different organizations in culture she joins Association KROKODIL in 2017.

MIRJANA KOSIĆ (born in 1978, in Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Yugoslavia) completed her MA Degree at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bologna (Eastern European Researh and Studies Programme – MIREES), having earned her BA Degree in English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities in Banja Luka. From 2012 until 2017, Mirjana was an Academic Assistant and Internship Coordinator at SIT Balkans programme, and from 2014 until 2017 she coordinated volunteering programme of Duke University, „DukeEngage Serbia“. She was also co-founder and executive director of TransConflict Serbia, organisation pursuing research and projects pertaining to conflict transformation processes in the Balkans and other conflict-afflicted regions. At the moment, Mirjana is also providing analysis for Peace Direct’s on-line platform Insight on Conflict; translating for the street magazine LiceUlice and when circumstances allow, she is enthusiastically honing her barista skills. In March 2018, Mirjana joined the Association KROKODIL in the capacity of programme manager, where – together with other members of the team – she is working on preparations of the 10th Krokodil Festival.

BOGDAN PANAJOTOVSKI (b. 1994, Belgrade, Serbia, then SR Yugoslavia) is student of communications and journalism studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences (fourth year). His interests are art, politics, travelling and sports. He is active in non-profit organisations that promote and spread culture. He is a member of the literary club “Tracak” in Svilajnac. He writes short stories and essays. He works as a part-time book salesman. He is a member of the editorial staff of the news portal Mingl in BOŠ (Belgrade Open School). As a volunteer he worked on organisation and realisation of a few international film festivals i nBelgrade and the region. As intern he joins Association KROKODIL in February 2016 with the goal to gain knowledge and skills in sector of communications. Bogdan also actively supports KROKODIL Writer-in-Residence program and assists foreign writers during their stay in Belgrade.

JASMINKA PETROVIĆ (b. 1960, Belgrade, Serbia, then SFR Yugoslavia) has studied Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Belgrade. She was editor-inchief of National Geographic Junior for Serbia. Jasminka has also published many articles for young children and teenagers in the most popular children’s magazines, as well as more than 30 titles of books for children (Gigga makes a sea, School, This is the worst day of my life, Are you a frog?, Only for your ears, Summer when I learn to fly, Everything is fine…). Sex for Beginners, a book for children and for their parents, which has been translated into 25 languages and also written in the Braille alphabet for the blind and visually impaired children. Some of her books were set up as a theater plays in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb and Stockholm. She is founder of the Association “OK – Obrazovanje i Kultura” (OK Education and Culture), and one of the founders of the movement “Ura kultura” (Hurray Culture).  In 2013 within the Association KROKODIL she has initiated the first KROKODIL’s program for children – KROKODOKODIL, festival of literature and illustration for children. Jasminka often leads workshops and educational programs for children and adults; she is a frequent guest at schools and libraries; participates in a number of literary events and has won almost all the relevant awards for her work.