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About us
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is an acronym on all variants of common language
It stands for:  Literary Regional Gathering That Alleviates Boredom And Lethargy.


Association KROKODIL is dedicated to the production of literary, cultural and sociopolitical programs and projects with the aim of developing literary audiences among those that are interested in culture as such. KROKODIL is also dedicated to the promotion of dialogue, reconciliation and reconstruction of broken links, particularly in the region of the Western Balkans, as well as deepening mutual understanding and acceptance of differences within the wider European and global context.


Festival Krokodil


Association KROKODIL was established in 2009, when it also launched the literary festival KROKODIL. The festival premiered in Belgrade and was held over the course of three evenings in June of that year. Ever since, it has become a regular, annual event hosted in the open-air arena in front of the Museum of Yugoslavia. Even though it was originally conceived as a regional literary event, festival KROKODIL soon adopted a more international character and swiftly grew to become one of the most prominent, popular and recognised literary events, not only in the Western Balkans but also in Europe. Along with regular performances by prominent and established authors from Serbia, the region and abroad, the festival is characterized by an innovative use of multimedia that aims to enrich the experience of public reading, as well as engage the large, very loyal and involved audience of over 1000 people per evening.


Through the years, Association KROKODIL has participated in different international programs and projects both as an organiser and a co-partner.


KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence


Inspired by similar and very popular Writer-in-Residence programs in other European cities, Association KROKODIL established “KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence” in 2012 as the very first continuous residential program for writers in Serbia. Since then, authors from many regional and  European, as well as other  countries have taken  part in this program by spending a working month at KROKODIL’s residence for writers in Belgrade. This program directly affects both the scope and dynamic of literary cooperation between Serbia and the rest of the world. Since the program’s launch, around twenty books written by the writers-in-residence have been translated and published in Serbia as a direct and undoubtedly positive consequence of this continuous activity of the KROKODIL team.



festival of literature and illustration for children


This unique festival was launched in April 2014 with the very first festival event, “How a Book is Made.” In cooperation with the organisation “OK  – Obrazovanje i kultura” and the Belgrade-based “Youth Theatre Dadov,” Association KROKODIL aims to use this fun, thematic, multimedia and interdisciplinary event for children, which occupies a borderline between theatre show and festival, in order to help raise a new literary audience by promoting literary production for children as well as the culture of reading.



Other programs,

international cooperation and awards


Since 2009, Association KROKODIL has won significant credibility not only in the European cultural and literary scenes but also in socio-political circles. Besides production of literary programs, Association KROKODIL is particularly focused on developing various programs of exceptional social and political significance, mostly in cooperation with different local and international partners. The most prominent among them are:

  • “Belgrade Debate on Europe,” an annual conference series that brings together the most eminent European intellectuals and experts in different fields, 
  • “Neighbors,” a Serbian-Albanian literary cooperation project and exchange, in cooperation with Priština-based partner-organisation “Qendra Multimedia”,
  • “Languages and Nationalisms,” a series of regional linguistic conferences in cooperation with three partner-organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro,


By dedicating special attention to the main social, political and cultural topics surrounding us, and through their articulation in the framework of the projects that Association KROKODIL seeks to develop in cooperation with various local and international partners, we aim to contribute to development of a better society in Serbia. 

Association KROKODIL is the winner of the “Zvezde Beograda” (Stars of Belgrade) award for 2012, as well as jubilee winner of the “European Communications Award” in the “NGO/Associations” category for 2016. In 2020. Association KROKODIL has been awarded with the BEFEM AWARD FOR FEMINIST INITIATIVES for the festival KROKODIL 2020 edition under the tagname Remake/Remodel.  In 2022. Association KROKODIL was presented with an award for the website www.krokodil.rs in the “Education and Culture” category of the jubilee 25th Top50 selection – Best Things on the Internet by PC PRESS.