Belgrade Debate on Europe
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Belgrade debate on Europe


Through active international cooperation, Association KROKODIL has gained significant recognition in both European cultural and literary scenes, as well as European sociopolitical circles. Association KROKODIL is particularly focused on developing various programs of exceptional social and political significance, mostly in cooperation with different local and international partners. The most prominent among them is an annual series of conferences known as the “Belgrade Debate on Europe” that gathers in Belgrade the most eminent European intellectuals and experts in different fields,



By dedicating special attention to the main social, political and cultural topics that surround us, and through their articulation in the framework of the project that Association KROKODIL develops in cooperation with various local and international partners, we aim to contribute to development of better society in Serbia in an alternative way and from an innovative perspective.


Third Belgrade Debate on Europe



“THE Possibility of Europe”

December, 2017



Second Belgrade Debate on Europe


“Our (safe?) European home”

December, 2016



First Belgrade Debate on Europe


“What We Talk About When We Talk About Europe”

December, 2014