Ramiz Huremagić in KROKODIL’s residency for writers
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Ramiz Huremagić in KROKODIL’s residency for writers

Ramiz Huremagić in KROKODIL’s residency for writers

The guest of KROKODIL’s residency during the month of April is Ramiz Huremagić from Sarajevo. Ramiz, who is 66th foreign author staying in KROKODIL’S residency for writers, is a poet and screenwriter. During his stay in Belgrade, i.e. on 27th April, 20:00, Ramiz will participate in the conference „Svedočenje. Poezija. Jezik.“/”Testimony. Poetry. Language.”, that will be organised in the Centre for Cultural Decontamination, after Sarajevo conference. This poetic performance and testimony with cross-examination, which the Belgrade audience will be able to see and hear, is called Poema beogradske pobjednice/A poem of Belgrade winner. Through words and verses, and  direct public expression, the author – and under an oath to poetry – will give his own testimony about how much do we really know about each other, about historical events and about ourselves.


Ramiz Huremagić was born in Cazin, in 1972 and has been living in Sarajevo since 1995. He completed his undergraduate studies in Zagreb and Sarajevo, and obtained his master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Cardiff, UK. Cannon fodder in military boots between 1992-1995. Over the period of more than nine years, Ramiz worked on organised crime investigations. Together with writer Izet Perviz, Ramiz co-authored a script for feature-length film „Tobacco Smoke“, that was awarded in 2004 by the Foundation for cinematography of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (FBiH). The film was also included in the official selection of CineLink programme for script development at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

In 2003, Ramiz worked on the production of the BBC series „Days That Shook the World – Sarajevo Assassination“, filmed in Sarajevo. In 2013, his poetry book „U svijetu bučnih ljudi/In the world of noisy people“, was published by TKD Šahinpašić as one of the works awarded by the Publishing Foundation of the FBiH for 2012. His poetry was published in Croatian magazine Poezija, magazine Novi izraz, and various other portals, magazines and journals. His second book of poetry „Čekičanje vremena – The hammering of the time“ was published in 2016 by Centar SAMOUPRAVA from Sarajevo. In 2017, this book was shortlisted for the best book of poetry at the competition „Ratković’s evenings of poetry“.

Ramiz’s stay is realized as part of READING BALKANS project. Reading Balkans is a project aimed at promoting literature from the Western Balkans through education and the formation of a literary agent who will represent regional writers on the international scene.

KROKODIL’s Writer-in-residence

Through development of stable relations with partners in the country, region and abroad, with regard to similar and very popular programs of European metropolis, the Association KROKODIL has established the first continuous residence program for writers in Serbia – KROKODIL’s Writer-in-residence. As of 2012, writers from many regional and European countries have been coming on a monthly basis, to live, work and create in Belgrade.


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