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Eat & Talk #4: Southern Gothic – exploring the literature and cuisine of the American South with John Cox
Saturday, October 3rd at 19h 
KROKODIL Center for contemporary literature
Karađorđeva street, 43 (the entrance is through Male stepenice)
The number of guests is limited, and reservations are required via email at 

On Saturday, the 3rd of October at 19h, we’ll be continuing our Eat & Read project with its 4th edition focusing on the literature and cuisine of the American South. 

Our guests will have a chance to enjoy fried chicken, cornbread, banana pudding, and other Southern delicacies, all while both discussing and experiencing the particularities of the cuisine and culture of this region. This month’s literature menu focuses on three Southern gothic authors of the United States: Flannery O’Connor, William Faulkner, and Gillian Flynn.

KROKODIL Center’s new venture, under the name Eat & Read, was created as a direct and creative response to one of the most inconvenient consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic – global mobility restrictions. To help you make up for missed travels and fulfill your wanderlust, we have decided to take you on an exciting literary-culinary journey around various countries, discovering their cultures, literature, and cuisine simultaneously.

Each month we offer a specific menu, while simultaneously presenting several authors that shine the best light on the authenticity of the culture they come from and write about. This traveling-without-moving project also consists of a public event under the name Eat & Talk, where we organize a public lecture at the KROKODIL Center, welcoming a limited number of visitors in order to follow the rules of social distancing and health recommendations.


Aperitif – Southern Comfort
Starter – Fried okra with remoulade
Main dish – Fried chicken with grits and collard greens
Side dish – Cornbread and biscuit
Dessert – Classic southern banana pudding
Price: 1800 RSD

For more information, contact us via email at 

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