Gigantomahija: “US elections and (global) consequences”
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Gigantomahija: “US elections and (global) consequences”

GIGANTOMAHIJA or KROKODIL’s debate duel in three rounds, on the topic: The US elections and the (global) consequences

Thursday, 12th November, 19h

Participants: Ana Miljanić i Filip Ejdus

KROKODIL Center for contemporary literature

43 Karađorđeva Street (entrance from Male stepenice)

The number of guests is limited and reservations are required through our email address:

One topic, two participants, three rounds – KROKODIL’s favorite program, Gigantomahija, is back with the discussion about the world’s newest headline: the US elections

Join us at 19h on November 12th at the KROKODIL Center for contemporary literature, where together with Ana Mijanić, filmmaker and director of CZKD, and Filip Ejdus, associate professor at the University of political sciences, we will debate about what will happen next in the field of global politics after the 2020 US presidential elections this super force. The debate questions of the fifteen-minute rounds under the topic “US elections and (global) consequences” will be the following:

1st Round: What will happen to America?

2nd Round: What will happen with the rest of the world?

3rd Round: What will happen with the Balkans?

GIGANTOMAHIJA is a unique format with no mediation, where in three fifteen-minute rounds two participants exchange their view on a burning social-political topic. A flip of the coin decides who has the first word. Like a chess (or boxing) match, there are clear rules for this verbal duel. After 45minutes of the dynamic debate, the audience can join the conversation by asking questions about the topic.

Because of the widespread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of seats is limited, but we are broadcasting the event live on our YouTube channel Krokodil Engaging Worlds.

For reservation or any additional questions write to us at

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