The Autopsy of Andrić: Svetislav Basara, Toma Longinović and Mirjana Stošić | KROKODIL
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The Autopsy of Andrić: Svetislav Basara, Toma Longinović and Mirjana Stošić

Tuesday, November 10th at 7pm


Karađorđeva street 43 (entrance from Male stepenice)

The number of guests is limited and reservations are mandatory via our email address

In October at the KROKODIL Center we discussed  the defence of Ivo Andrić and his work against nationalist and political misuse and the kind of  dismantlement this author is constantly subject to . In November, the situation is completely different: we’re returning to one of the most important Balkan authors with one unequivocal question: “Why wouldn’t we dismantle him?” 

On November 10th at 7pm we’re inviting you to join us in our debate “The Autopsy of Andrić”, together with Svetislav Basara, Tomislav Longinović and, our moderator, Mirjana Stošić.

What are the parts of Andrić’s literary-biographical heritage we don’t really like talking about and why wouldn’t we put them in the spotlight? What will be left once we deconstruct our Nobel Prize winner? And can someone please explain how come that only in the Balkans wars are based on books and not the other way around?

In his new book “Kontraendorfin”, author Svetislav Basara disentangles Serbian myths, paying special attention to Ivo Andrić, some of the many historical and biographical controversies following his life, as well as all the connotations that go hand in hand with the deadly Balkan mentality and a allconsuming ideological ecstasy and nationalist megalomany. 

Basara will be joined by Tomislav Longinović, professor of Slavic and comparative literature at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and leading expert on the field of Andrić. As our moderator, we are glad to be joined once again with Mirjana Stošić, professor at the Faculty of Media and Communication, media theoretician, and host of the earlier debate “The Dismantlement of Andrić” with German journalist Michael Martens and Croatian author Nebojša Longinović.

Join us on the debate “The Autopsy of Andrić” on the 10th of November at 9pm at the KROKODIL Center and discuss with us once more about the life and times of Andrić. We’re expecting you!

The event will be streamed via our YouTube channel Krokodil Engaging Words.

For additional information, questions or reservations, write us via

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