Grand opening of Jelena Milićević’s exhibition “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes” | KROKODIL
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Grand opening of Jelena Milićević’s exhibition “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes”

Friday, January 22 at 6pm


Karađorđeva street 43 (entrance from Male stepenice)

The number of guests is restricted and reservations are mandatory via the email address

On Friday, January 22 at 6pm we’re opening visual artist Jelena Milićević’s exhibition titled “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes” at the KROKODIL Center.

Straight Jelena Milićević’s notebook are the well known and well loved illustrations which have been making the rounds on social media for the past few years. These warm and relatable drawings – scenes from everyday life, conversations from public transport, intimate representations of love in all its grandiose and less grandiose shapes –  are waiting for you at the artist’s fifth solo exhibition which will be hosted on the walls of the KROKODIL Center till the end of February. 

In the words of art curator Nataša Janković: “Jelena Milićević loves. She loves and draws the people she loves, her egocentric and spoiled cat, her friends. She loves her family, her job, every time she gets to help someone. Jelena loves to curse, truthfully and in a street way, and she loves to say “bro”. Every day is, for her, a way to commemorate Saint Valentine, because she loves to love. Her drawings are diaries of imagination, workouts for the mind, fantasies or “What could have beens…” and “If onlies” Sometimes I think that Jelena Milićević spends every day developing some lost film from a camera that shows some never before seen anomalies or beauties lost in the drift of time. Every scene is someone’s wistful image from the past. One line, drawn in one swift motion, manages to capture the outline of a first love, a first kiss and the biggest pain you can only recognize as your own.  

Like Dean Martin sings in the song that inspired the title of this exhibition, everybody loves somebody sometimes and after a year like the one 2020 has been, the love Jelena Milićević portrays from drawing to drawing is maybe needed more than ever. 

Join us on January 22 at 6pm at the KROKODIL Center for the grand opening of the exhibition “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes”. Use this chance and get yourself one of the many phenomenal, signed prints from Jelena Milićević.

See you there!

For reservations and additional information contact us via the email address  

Poster design: Ksenija Pantelić

Photography: Marina Trifunović

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