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Download the “audio – Marathon: Reading while running” booklet

Download the “audio – Marathon: Reading while running” booklet

In cooperation with our partners from the Belgrade Marathon, every participant who applied for the 42km race held on the 6th of June 2021, got our special booklet in their starting packages.

This booklet, which is available for download, contains all the details on KROKODIL’s new project “Audio-Marathon: Reading while Running”, together with additional interesting content: interviews with authors who run, statistics from our focus groups, advice for beginner runners, as well as advice on how to start listening to audiobooks, as a way to close the gap between the seemingly always separated worlds of sports and literature. The first 50 people who follow the instructions in the booklet, can get their first audiobook in Serbian for free: the novel “In the Hold” by Vladimir Arsenijević.

Click here to download.

KROKODIL Association’s newest project Audio-Marathon*: Running while Reading is part of the European project BE (P)ART GROW WITH ARTS, which is being realized with partner organizations from Spain, Belgium , and Hungary: PEN Català, UC Limburg, Szepirok Tarsasaga Egyesuleteuc i Fundación Uxio Novoneyra. The focus of activities in this three-year project is bringing literature closer to younger people because of its key role in understanding the world, developing critical thinking and the skill of creatively solving problems, as well as the beneficial influence of reading and physical activity on mental health.

Having this in mind, with this project we will introduce in Serbia the practice of listening to audio books while running recreatively and the synergetic effect of reading, I.e. listening to books and physical activity on physical and mental health. The goal is to develop interest in runners and fans of sport for the world of literature, so they enrich their trainings with audio books, and to present the benefits of physical activity to young writers and fans of literature. Many well know writers who are at the same time recreational runners, such as Haruki Murakami, Ante Tomić, Srećko Horvat, Vladimir Arsenijević, Nebojša Lujanović and many others, are witnesses to the connection between these two fields.

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