Insights from within: Discussion Regarding the Aggression against Ukraine | KROKODIL
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Insights from within: Discussion Regarding the Aggression against Ukraine

Insights from within: Discussion Regarding the Aggression against Ukraine

Insights from within: Discussion regarding the aggression against Ukraine
Participants: Andriy Lyubka and Andrej Ivanji
Thursday, March 17, 7pm
KROKODIL Center, Karađorđeva 43 (entrance from Male stepenice)
Recording of the event will be available at the YT channel @KrokodilEngagingWords

On Thursday, March 17, starting at 7 pm, in the KROKODIL Center we will talk about the consequences of the Russian aggression against Ukraine and how it affects the lives of ordinary citizens. Ukrainian prose writer, poet and essayist Andriy Lyubka, who also translates from the common language (BCMS), will take part in the discussion via Zoom. The discussion will be moderated by political journalist Andrej Ivanji.

Andriy Lyubka, born 1987 in Riga, is a Ukrainian poet, writer and essayist. He graduated from the Mukachevo Military School and went on to study Ukrainian Philology at Uzhhorod National University and Balkan Studies at the University of Warsaw. His books of poetry include Eight Months of Schizophrenia (2007), Terrorism (2009) and 40 Dollars Plus the Tips (2012). He has also published a collection of short stories, The Killer (2012), a German translation of one of his poetry collections, Notaufname (2012), a book of essays Sleeping with Women (2014), and a novel Karbid (2015), which was short-listed in the final selection of the Book of the Year by BBC Ukraine. Its Polish translation was short-listed for the Angelus Central-European Literary Award in 2017. His recent works include a collection of short stories The Room for Sadness (2016), a book of essays Saudade (2017) and the novel Your Gaze, Cio-Cio-san (2018).

He is the winner of the Debut Award (2007), Kyiv Laurels (2011), recently he received literary award of Kovalev Foundation literary prize in the USA and the Shevelov Prize for the best book of essays of 2017 in Ukraine. Lyubka also translates from Polish, Croatian, Serbian, English and is the curator of two international poetry festivals.

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