Statement regarding the reactions to the travel reports from Ukraine titled 12to8 | KROKODIL
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Statement regarding the reactions to the travel reports from Ukraine titled 12to8

Statement regarding the reactions to the travel reports from Ukraine titled 12to8

From the moment we started reporting about our journey to Kharkiv (the reports you read are prepared by a three-member team at home and in the field), one of our biggest impressions certainly has been the amount of negative comments in Serbia on social networks (moderated by the same team along with two other members) about our humane activity towards premature babies and their mothers.

So far, we have helped many people and institutions in Serbia. Although charity work is not our primary activity, we always try to help as much as we can out of the purest empathy. To set aside time, energy and money. We remind you that parents of as many as two prematurely born children with additional and special needs work in KROKODIL and again – we lack neither energy nor will, and we especially do not lack compassion.

One of the biggest impressions is also the personalization of each of our activities. The entire KROKODIL team worked on the initiation and realization of the humanitarian campaign, on the planning and administration of the trip to Kharkiv. Vladimir Arsenijević may be the President of the Board of directors of the Association KROKODIL and, as a writer, also a public figure, but among us in KROKODIL he is equal with everyone else in terms of responsibilities and obligations without which the KROKODIL’s work system would certainly stop or at least temporarily halt, just as it would stop if any other component would be pulled out of its engine.

We are hurt by the fact that the work of an organization, its professionalism and, above all, its best intentions are once again being personalized and recognized as such, and then a whole block of negative, threatening and insulting comments is built around that unjust personalization, comments that equally hurt all of us who are currently realizing the journey to Kharkiv and the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Kharkiv City Perinatal Center.

We invite you to continue to follow us on social networks, because our team is about to arrive in Kharkiv.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Association KROKODIL’s team.

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