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Spaces of freedom – Conversation #3

Spaces of freedom – Conversation #3

Spaces of freedom – conversation #3
Participants: Elina Slobodianiuk, Mark Livin, Ljudmila Popović and Vladimir Arsenijević
Consecutive translation from Ukrainian: Julija Dragojlović
Tuesday, October 18, 7 p.m.
KROKODIL’s Center, Karađorđeva 43 (entrance from the Male stepenice street)

On Tuesday, October 18, starting at 7:00 p.m., in the KROKODIL’s Center we will hold a talk titled Spaces of Freedom. This is the third in a series of talks dedicated to Ukraine, which we are organizing after the previous talk with Andriy Lyubka regarding the beginning of Russian aggression against his country, Insights from within, and the Year of Magical Thinking debate held at this year’s KROKODIL festival where, among others, Daryna Shevchenko from the Kyiv Independent participated. This event will be dedicated to the presentation of KROKODIL’s project of emergency residency program for literary creators from Ukraine, which is titled the same as the conversation itself – Spaces of Freedom, as well as the first residents who arrived in Belgrade in October. We will also talk about the current situation both in Ukraine and globally, the continuous Russian aggression, and how all this affects in particular the Ukrainian literary scene and literary creators.

Elina Slobodianiuk, author, doctor of historical sciences and polytechnic. She is considered the “mother” of copywriting in the post-Soviet space and in Eastern Europe. She is the author of two bestseller books “The Copywriter’s Handbook” (2009) and “The Copywriter’s Treasure” (2014). Among her students are winners of the Cannes Lion for advertising. She is also the co-author of a collection of essays dealing with the experiences of Ukrainians during World War II.

Mark Livin is a contemporary Ukrainian writer, journalist and TEDx conference speaker. He writes fiction and non-fiction books about psychology. He is an expert in the fields of communications and media, a lecturer and a storytelling coach. Co-founder of the media The Village Ukraine and the author of the number one Ukrainian podcast about psychology Простими словами (In Simple Words).

Ljudmila Popović is a professor at the Faculty of Philology. She graduated with honors from the group for the Serbo-Croatian language with other Slavic languages ​​of the Faculty of Philology of the Kyiv State University “Taras Shevchenko”, which earned her a special diploma with honors and the professional title of philologist, professor of Serbo-Croatian language and literature, and professor of Ukrainian language and literature. She has been living in Serbia since 1988. In the same year, she enrolled in postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, where she defended her master’s and doctoral dissertations. Dr. Ljudmila Popović is very active and successful as a mentor, translator of literary and professional texts, editor, organizer of scientific and cultural events.

The stays of Elina Slobodianiuk and Mark Livin in KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence are realized through the Spaces of Freedom project.
Association KROKODIL, as an independent organization from Belgrade with literary, artistic and socio-political activities has decided to provide shelter and support to Ukrainian literary creators on top of other activities related to Ukraine such as collecting humanitarian help for the City Perinatal center in Kharkiv etc. Being that a large number of Ukrainian writers have been offered similar programs in many European countries, we decided to open the doors of our residence for writers to all literary creators (including, besides prose writers and poets, also essayists, translators, editors, cultural journalists, comic book authors, theoreticians, columnists, singer-songwriters, rappers, spoken word performers, etc.).
This project of the Association KROKODIL is supported by: The European Cultural Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation, FRIDA and Pobunjene čitateljke


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