Inna Volosevych – 120th KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence | KROKODIL
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Inna Volosevych – 120th KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence

Inna Volosevych – 120th KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence

Ukranian writer Inna Volosevych is staying in Belgrade as KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence in the period from January 1st to March 31st, thanks to the Artists at Risk network and KROKODIL’s emergency residency program for Ukrainian literary creators. Follow our website and social media profiles regularly for information about the events that will be organized during her stay.

Inna Volosevych (1983) lives in Zalizne village near Kyiv. She is the Deputy Director of the sociological research agency “Info Sapiens” – one of the leading ones in Ukraine. Also, she is a Ukrainian writer with one published children’s book “About a Boy” and three literary awards (“Word Coronation”, “Rukomeslo”, “Ukrainian Story”). Now she is writing a novel about war and a new children’s book. She has also written lots of non-fiction articles.

Inna Volosevych is an Artists at Risk (AR)-Resident and her stay as KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence is realized within the framework of KROKODIL’s project Spaces of Freedom. Association KROKODIL, as an independent organization from Belgrade with literary, artistic and socio-political activities has decided to provide shelter and support to Ukrainian literary creators on top of other activities related to Ukraine such as collecting humanitarian help for the City Perinatal center in Kharkiv etc. Being that a large number of Ukrainian writers have been offered similar programs in many European countries, we decided to open the doors of our residence for writers to all literary creators (including, besides prose writers and poets, also essayists, translators, editors, cultural journalists, comic book authors, theoreticians, columnists, singer-songwriters, rappers, spoken word performers, etc.). This project of the Association KROKODIL is supported by: The European Cultural Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation, and Artists at Risk.

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