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During the weekend, on Saturday at 7:39 p.m. and on Sunday at 11:42 p.m., the premises of KROKODIL Association were attacked and the property of the Association as well as public property in the surrounding area were vandalized.

In the video from Saturday, March 11, from 7:39 p.m., it can be clearly seen how a young man (who can be between 18 and 22 years old) runs from the direction of Karađorđeva Street towards the Male stepenice Street and at high speed takes out a spray and writes the message “KROKODIL je đubre” (KROKODIL is garbage) and then climbs up to the entrance to the upper yard of the building where he writes the word “govna” (pieces of shit) in three more places and “KROKODIL agencija je ustaška agencija fuck NATO smrt izdajnicima” (KROKODIL agency is Ustasha agency fuck NATO death to traitors). He leaves and after a few minutes comes back, takes a photo of everything he did and immediately sends it to someone. Then he runs away along Fruškogorska Street towards Pop Lukina Street.

In the video from Sunday, March 12 from 11:42 p.m., we see three very young guys climbing up the Male stepenice street, infuriatingly shouting in the direction of the building where the KROKODIL premises are located. One of them stays at the lower entrance door of the building and urinates on it, while the other runs up the stairs and starts hitting the monument to Branko Ćopic and then climbs the public wall and shakes the fence with spikes back and forth, expecting to break it. Then the three of them head towards the upper yard of the building. One of them jumps over the fence, endangering his life (the fence he jumped over is at a height of 15m on the yard side) and tries to break into the building. Then they take stones and throw them in the direction of the KROKODIL’s window shouting aggressively. Then one of them jumps and breaks the security camera and they all run away in the direction of Pop Lukina Street.

The Ministry of Interior and the Criminal Police are working on the case, and we cannot help but notice that these are 15-year-old boys who consciously chose to spend Saturday evening in that way. Who instructs them? Whose messages are they receiving? And to whom do they present themselves as heroes by endangering their lives in this way? State, politicians, what have you done with our children? When will you realize that nationalism is not patriotism and that it results in generations of very young, bigoted people who know nothing or very little about politics, history and society but will soon be ready to start another fratricidal war for ideals which YOU are imposing on them now, guided by one and only one goal, and that is election victory.

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