Tibor Hrs Pandur – 127th KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence | KROKODIL
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Tibor Hrs Pandur – 127th KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence

Tibor Hrs Pandur – 127th KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence

Poet, translator, dramaturge and playwright from Slovenia, Tibor Hrs Pandur, is KROKODIL’s Writer-in-Residence during the month of August, thanks to the Ulysses’ Shelter project.

Tibor Hrs Pandur (1985, Maribor) is a poet, translator, dramaturge, playwright and teslologist. From 2009 to 2018 he was the editor-in-chief of the magazine and paraliterary organisation I.D.I.O.T. He translates from German, English, Serbo-Croatian and Spanish. In 2008, his debut play Dream 59 was staged at Glej Theatre, for which he was awarded the Young Playwright Award at the 43rd Week of Slovenian Drama in 2013. In 2010, his poetry debut Energymachine was published by the Center for Slovenian Literature; and in 2011, his translation debut of selected poems by Jim Morrison: The Eyewitness (Aleph, Center for Slovenian Literature). In 2017, his second collection of poetry, Internal Affairs, was published by Litera in Maribor. In 2019, his translation of Nikola Tesla’s essay The Problem of Increasing of Human Energy (with an extensive accompanying study entitled Tesla’s Hybris and the Laws of Nature) was published by ZRC SAZU and Litera, reprinted in an expanded and updated edition in 2021. As a dramaturge he collaborates with Nina Rajić Kranjac and Livija Pandur. His third collection of poetry, Psyops, was published by Litera in 2022.

ULYSSES’ SHELTER: BUILDING LITERARY RESIDENCIES NETWORK is the third stage of a project co-funded by the European Union under the Creative Europe programme 2021-2027. The network of literary residencies has now been extended to eight European countries: Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Malta, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Wales in the United Kingdom, and collaborates with many institutions and NGOs in each participating country.
The residency programme addresses the international dimension as its priority by giving emerging authors the opportunity to work, perform and present themselves in different European locations. Each residency will be accompanied by a diverse supporting programme consisting of literature-related activities aimed at specific (local) target groups, such as taking part in literary readings, workshops, festivals and / or other literary-related activities.

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