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The Conspirators in Gračanica and Prishtina

The Conspirators in Gračanica and Prishtina

Friday, May 17, 19:00
Cultural Center of Gračanica, Gračanica, Kosovo

Saturday, May 18, 19:30
Polip Festival, Oda Theatre, Pallati i Rinisë dhe i Sporteve, 111 (Rinia, 7) Prishtina, Kosovo

Directed by Boris Liješević

Actors: Svetozar Cvetković, Isidora Minić, Dejan Dedić, Marko Grabež

What happens when, defying all the laws of space and time, Bogdan, Borka, Mirko, Sem, Predrag, Svetlana, Saša, Miroslav, Daša and Danilo get together? And what is their connection with authors whose surnames are Bogdanović, Pavićević, Kovač, Mehmedinović, Matvejević, Slapšak, Hemon, Krleža, Drndić and Kiš? What conspiracy are they involved in? What action are they calling us to take? Based on the texts published in the “Zajednička čitaonica” (The Common Library) edition, there emerged this exciting cacophony of voices, a linguistic and artistic polyphony that conclusively proves that, despite finding ourselves divided into several separate states – many of us even in diaspora – we are not strangers to one another. For literature knows no passports. The ties existing among us, based on a mutual public ownership of both language and a vast literary heritage, are much stronger than the destructive forces which, in the last few decades, have produced more evil than had ever been imaginable. It’s that evil that is being tackled in The Conspirators, as is the conspiracy for a different, better future. Literature plays the most important role in it, because imagination is now more important than it has ever been before. Readers and viewers who speak, use, create and breathe this common language and who are its sole owners, wherever they may be, are invited to take part in this adventure, or rather, this venture into reading, revealing, learning and thinking. This is an expression of the endurance of optimism and a firm belief that the ties upon which the literary republic in the European South is based, will continue to exist. Despite and against everything.

The play The Conspirators is part of the Common Library project initiated and implemented by KROKODIL Association and supported by CCFD – Terre Solidaire.
Coproduction: My Balkans.

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