Grow Strong – Live Long: WEBINAR/SEMINAR on Organisational Development and Strategic Planning for baby CSOs
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Grow Strong – Live Long: WEBINAR/SEMINAR on Organisational Development and Strategic Planning for baby CSOs

Grow Strong – Live Long: WEBINAR/SEMINAR on Organisational Development and Strategic Planning for baby CSOs

Friday September 30th 3PM – 6PM
Led by: Milena Berić (Steering Board Member/Communications, External Affairs and Development)
Audience: READ sub grantees/other representatives of the civil society organizations
Working language: Serbian
Free participation
Sign up via e-mail address: until Wednesday 28th
Organizer: Association KROKODIL

The COVID-19 pandemic as well as the global economic and social-political crises present a unique challenge for democracies, and thus for the work of civil society organizations. Especially in the region of the Western Balkans. Organizations in non-governmental sector, especially in culture and creative industries, have suffered significant consequences. These organizations had to adapt quickly to the new situation and find a way to offer their audience support, a place for dialogue, reflection and gathering. In this context the forthcoming seminar/webinar will support the strengthening of leadership skills of cultural and other civil society organizations with a focus on organizational development and strategic planning.

The webinar/seminar will be dedicated to the main aspects of organizational development.  Organizational development (OD) bridges an organization’s need for continuity and its need for growth. It helps the organization change in order to meet the changing demands of its internal and external environments. Organizational development is a theory and practice of bringing the planned change to an organization. These changes are usually designed to address an organizational problem or to help an organization prepare for future.

Relying on both the theoretical and conceptual foundations the forthcoming seminar will explore different steps and phases of CSO development in Serbia. In addition, the webinar will provide the opportunity for participants to recognize their current capacities and resources, and learn more about strategic planning with the focus on organizational mandates, vision, values, and mission as well as organizational structure.


From 3PM to 4PM
What is strategic planning?
Overview of the participating organizations/history
Organizational mandates, vision, values, mission and organizational structure
Internal functioning analysis with overview of relevant actors and local influence

From 4PM to 5PM
Capacities and competences relating to strategic dilemmas and key issues
Working areas/priorities and goals
Expected results in 5 year period

From 5PM to 6PM
What is organizational development (OD)?
Models of organizational development
Key challenges and approaches to problem solving  

MILENA BERIĆ ( b. 1982 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia) earned a Master’s in Communications and Journalism after completing her undergraduate studies in International Economics. With a dynamic 15-year long career in external affairs, communications and organizational management, she has merged a corporate relations focus on strategic message delivery, critical thinking and problem-solving with her particular interest and experience in storytelling and campaign strategy. She is a communications professional with extensive experience in organizational management and development as well as in delivering communications and marketing strategies for complex, international organizations in both the public and private sectors. Milena won the “30 under 30 young Serbian leaders” award in 2011 and was Serbia’s representative at the Sixth Pan-European Conference of International Relations in Turin in 2007, with her work “Culture, Dignity and Empowerment”. She has been a Member of the Steering Board at KROKODIL since 2014 and is responsible for communications, external affairs and development. She is proud of the fact that the Association KROKODIL won the European Communication Award in 2016 for her communication strategy during the KROKODIL Festival in 2015.

The seminar is being realized as part of the READ project. Regional Network for Cultural Diversity – READ is regional EU funded project, with aim to enable civil society actors to foster and contribute to intercultural tolerance and democratic values with particular focus on youth. The Project is implemented by Goethe-Institut Skopje together with its partner organizations: Association Krokodil (Serbia), Center for Balkan Cooperation- Loja (North Macedonia), Instituti I Librit dhe i Promocionit (Albania), Kalem Culture Association (Turkey) and Qendra Multimedia (Kosovo).